Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beach 2014

Last August we traveled to Florida to meet up with Jason's side of the family.  Again.. not to be a broken record, but pictures with my three.. impossible!  My sister-n-laws boys looked annoyed...

Here Callan looks annoyed.  I don't think he was thrilled about being held down. 


These two formed a special bond over the week.  Alston and Callan.

Picture with their grandparents.. Nana and Pop!

My nephews...

During our beach trip, Parker, caught a cold from Callan.  He had a lymph node that swelled up and stuck out of the side of his neck.  There were no huge concerns at first, but several weeks later he was diagnosed with cancer.  Parker fought hard and by God's grace won.  He recently received clear  scans.  This has been the best blessing.

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