Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Florida - Still catching up...

We have been driving back to Florida from Texas for the past several years.   Since all of our family lives in the east we try to coordinate renting a beach house. I can't believe this trip was almost 2 years ago. Can you imagine the chaos in one beach house with all these people?  This is my side of the family.  (more to come from 2014 beach trip with Jason's side...)  We clean up well that is for sure. In my opinion nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the emerald coast.

I took all of these pictures except for the ones I'm in of course..  I grabbed a lady off the beach to snap the group shots.

I printed a large portrait of this picture and had it framed for my dining room. 

I love the action shot so much because getting a good one posed.. probed to be nearly impossible.  Probably a good reason to hire a photographer!

Grandparents picture... they were all acting like toots. 

 I absolutely treasure this photo.  I really am so rarely in the pictures. 

My brother and brother-n-law were also acting like toots...

 Madison had a coordinating dress with the red white and blue.. but again.. toot.  She was 5 going on 15.

 I could eat him up....

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