Sunday, March 15, 2015

More awesome moments from 2014!

Madison's first day of 1st grade.  Tyler is in the speech program with the school system so it was his first day of that.  Jason took him and I took Madison and Callan... well I followed the bus!

Callan felt so special!

Thier first day of preschool....

He smiled such a cute smile.. Our dog, Abbey, plopped down next to him for the picture.  I was using my 50mm so there was no way I could get her in the picture.. he didn't know that of course. 

Tyler perfected the fake smile this year!  

I had a lot of pictures this year of just the boys while Madison was off at 1st grade... sigh.

 This school year instead of having a Valentine Father/Daughter Dance the preschool did a "Frozen" themed dance in November.. it was a huge hit!

 This was sent to me from the actual party.  Of course I was off entertaining the boys!

Madison was Penny from a Henke book.. and an adorable Penny at that....

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