Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rodan + Fields - Why I chose to be a consultant

I first purchased Rodan + Fields products to support one of my best friends.  She was a consultant and I was a drug store brand face washer!  I made my purchase and my Reverse Regimen arrived and it sat in my cabinet for several months.  I signed up as a preferred customer ($20 fee) to get my 10% discount and free shipping.  It's actually cheaper than paying full price and shipping.  Anyway, it sat for several months.  I deferred my auto ship for more than 9 months!

I had just seen the dermatologist when I bought my regimen.  I was experiencing breakouts and uneven skin tone.  I also began having sun spots pop up.  I was never an avid sun worshiper, but I've had my fair share of sun burns.  The dermatologist prescribed Retin A and a spot fading cream.  I filled the Retin A prescription (which is extremely expensive).  I would use my Reverse regimen off and on along with my Retin A and other products mixed in.  My face became even more of a mess.  I had itchy dry patches, peeling and continued breakouts.  I felt the Retin A was tearing up my face.  I finally decided to READ THE DIRECTIONS on my Rodan + Fields regimen and follow it explicitly. I ditch all the other products.

I was AMAZED at the results.  I am not a salesperson by nature, but I believe in this product and it's results.  The Reverse regimen has salicylic acid in the toner which helps with breakouts.  The cream has retinol in it which is a milder form of Retin A.  That helps with aging and skin breakouts as well.  The regimen is  fool proof from facial scrub to an 50 SPF sunscreen!  I recently added the Reverse accelerator to my routine to work on the more stubborn sunspots.

My other FAVORITE is the Redefine eye cream...  I also love the AMP roller (micro needling) and the MACRO tool. 

Today is the last day to sign up to be eligible for my drawing.  Sign up with me to be a preferred customer or refer a preferred customer and I will enter you in to win your choice of the AMP roller or the Acute Care strips (botox in a box!). A $200 value.  I assure you no one else is offering this!

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